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Congratulations to all players for working to get to the next level in our great sport. We appreciate all players who tried out for the Barracuda 2019 Summer Travel teams. 
After careful consideration and review we have made the following selections:
NOTE: There is a possibility of players not accepting their invitation to play with Barracudas. If spots open up on a team we will invite additional players from our tryouts to join our team or possibly move players from another team.
Barracudas 14U
Head Coach Pete Dunne
Assistant Coach Pat Lebowitz
Adkins Joey
Azevedo Xander
Berger Isaac
Bond Nicholas
Brown Hunter
Crum Collin
Crum Robert
Dernis Noah
Figueroa Santiago
Gohill Matias
Graupera Gavin
Greene Tyler
Keffer Jack
Koontz Sean
Myerow  Max
Newell Jonathan
Tomchin Darren
Wallace Nicholas
Weiberg Brenden

Barracudas HS Navy (A)
Head Coach Jan Smith
Assistant Coaches Nate Fontenot, Pat Lebowitz

Alatzas Teddy
Awve Kyle
Bates Nicholas
Campbell Richard
Colon-Bermudez Mauricio
Davis Andrew
Davis Ethan
Diaz Luke
Engeler Austin
Engeler Brey
Engeler Colton
Felipe Daniel
Hemingway Ethan
Lago Bryceon
Millman Logan
Phipps Kent
Ros Robert
Smith Jan
Stephenson Robert



Knapp William

*Should any TRAVEL TEAM players not accept our offer to play with our program players MAY be moved up from the PRACTICE PLAYERS list.  Unless moved to the TRAVEL roster at the start of the season, PRACTICE players will pay a reduced fee ($495) to participate in the program and are entitled to all practices and gear as the TRAVEL players.   Play time for tournaments may be limited depending on the attendance of the TRAVEL players at any given tournament.  Should TRAVEL players be injured or otherwise unavailable to participate in a tournament the coaches will move PRACTICE players to the travel roster for that tournament.  There will be no additional program charges to attend tournaments, only travel costs.

Barracudas HS Orange (B)

Head Coach  John Davis
Assistant Coach  Pat Lebowitz, Ken Davis

Aguero Alex
Alvarez Sebastian
Barker Lex
Baroulette Julian
Cejas Julio
Gannon Alexander
Garmendia Gabriel
Hilliar Tyler
Lewis Ivan
Marks Zach
Martin Christopher
Molinary Justin
Rodriguez Adrian
van Tol Arie
Vidal Michael
Wietgrefe Evan

If you did not make the team we hope you will continue to work on your game in the spring and with Davie Summer League.

In order to lock in your spot on this team the selected players need to confirm their commitment for the team by April 20 , 2019. To confirm you need to complete the SUMMER TRAVEL TEAM CONFIRMATIONTeam fee includes uniform, all practices and tournament fees. Travel costs are not included. You will be requested for a $200 deposit due upon registration. The final payment of team fees is due by April 30, 2019 so we can order uniforms and pay tournament entry fees. The confirmation process will also ask if you to confirm your attendance at our specific tournaments.

If you registered online for the tryouts you simply login using your username and password and choose to register for the team. If you did not register online for the tryout you need to create an account. The registration process will guide you through. Players will receive an email with further information about practice and games.
Congratulations to all and see you on the fields.

The Coaches